Adam F “Pressure/Rushin” (Deep Jungle)

The second “new” release on Deep Jungle sees two rare tracks by ex-Metalheadz and Section 5 recording artist Adam F. Sourced from the original DAT tapes and remastered by Beau at Ten Eight Seven this release is available both digitally and on vinyl direct from their Bandcamp.

“Pressure” was originally released in 1993 on Lucky Spin Records. Unlike other twelves from the label this one you could only buy from their record shop in Kings Road, Chelsea. A limited edition of 100 this has been a serious collectors piece for a while now with an original copy on Discogs currently commanding a hefty £250 price tag (whether it would sell for that is debatable). The track itself is typical 1993, drum and bass in its infancy, wild, rebellious and carefree. Pitch shifted beats, entire sections that are never repeated and a catchy scratching riff.  This might make it too “ravey” for fans of Adam’s later work (and arguably greatest) in 1994/95 which then peaked with Metropolis in 1996.

It’s a fun track that represents a time when structure and mastering weren’t the most important elements of making music and experimenting with new production techniques whilst having fun in the studio were king.

“Rushin” was also made at Bible Studios in 1993 although was never released. Beginning with high pitched vocals (not quite chipmunk pitch) singing “Rushing, rushing in my mind” it again represents a point in 1993 perfectly.  Much more restrained than “Pressure” this offers a glimpse into what would come in the mid-nineties. With less elements and more structure its not as vibrant as the A Side but its certainly more accessible for drum and bass fans that got into the music later or are only just discovering these early Adam F productions. It’s great to have this unreleased track finally available 24 years after it was made.

This release caters more for the “old skool” crowd rather than the mid-nineties drum and bass obsessives that largely welcomed the previous Dillinja record. This only goes to show the depth of unreleased material from the scenes original producers lurking on DAT tapes and the wide range of styles that they made.

Let’s hope there’s plenty more unreleased and rare music to come.

Listen / Buy: Bandcamp