Adam F “Pressure/Rushin” (Deep Jungle)

The second “new” release on Deep Jungle sees two rare tracks by ex-Metalheadz and Section 5 recording artist Adam F. Sourced from the original DAT tapes and remastered by Beau at Ten Eight Seven this release is available both digitally and on vinyl direct from their Bandcamp.

“Pressure” was originally released in 1993 on Lucky Spin Records. Unlike other twelves from the label this one you could only buy from their record shop in Kings Road, Chelsea. A limited edition of 100 this has been a serious collectors piece for a while now with an original copy on Discogs currently commanding a hefty £250 price tag (whether it would sell for that is debatable). The track itself is typical 1993, drum and bass in its infancy, wild, rebellious and carefree. Pitch shifted beats, entire sections that are never repeated and a catchy scratching riff.  This might make it too “ravey” for fans of Adam’s later work (and arguably greatest) in 1994/95 which then peaked with Metropolis in 1996.

It’s a fun track that represents a time when structure and mastering weren’t the most important elements of making music and experimenting with new production techniques whilst having fun in the studio were king.

“Rushin” was also made at Bible Studios in 1993 although was never released. Beginning with high pitched vocals (not quite chipmunk pitch) singing “Rushing, rushing in my mind” it again represents a point in 1993 perfectly.  Much more restrained than “Pressure” this offers a glimpse into what would come in the mid-nineties. With less elements and more structure its not as vibrant as the A Side but its certainly more accessible for drum and bass fans that got into the music later or are only just discovering these early Adam F productions. It’s great to have this unreleased track finally available 24 years after it was made.

This release caters more for the “old skool” crowd rather than the mid-nineties drum and bass obsessives that largely welcomed the previous Dillinja record. This only goes to show the depth of unreleased material from the scenes original producers lurking on DAT tapes and the wide range of styles that they made.

Let’s hope there’s plenty more unreleased and rare music to come.

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Various Artists – Virtue Of Falling EP (Next Phase Records)

Next Phase starts a new chapter with their first digital only release. It features four exclusive drum and bass tracks that pay homage to the oldskool.

Virtue Of Falling by Infest and Dave Hoax is a wondrous take on ethereal drum and bass. The duo craft intricate Bug Khan and Soul Pride drum work before launching into turbulent amen edits, cryptic vocal samples and an eerily mystical breakdown.

Cultivate by MAC-V is drum and bass in its rawest form. Ditching fancy musicality it begins with an atmospheric pad and time stretched beats before launching into tough amen edits and a rugged bassline.

Onesixty by Fjell is a schizophrenic take on 90’s jungle combining both light and dark elements. Starting innocently the track then alternates between soulful chords and rhythmic rave stabs fit for any style of retro drum and bass set.

Spirit Bomb by oldskool champion Tim Reaper sees him blending techno, sound clash samples, Deep Blue style beats and a Reinforced approach into mentasm manipulation. The end result is a wildly hypnotic fusion characteristic of mid-nineties experimentation.

Dave Sector
Robbert Peperkamp
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Ethos “Reality/Injustice” (none60)

The list of influential artists that hail from Bristol is vast. From revered graffiti artists Bansky and 3D right through to musical pioneers Portishead, Massive Attack and Roni Size, all of them famous for creating their own iconic style influenced by the city and its diversity.

As a result, anything stating to be inspired by this cultural hotbed has a lot to live up to. The next release on none60 features two tracks by Bristol based producers Ethos that claim just that.

Rejecting the darkness that is often associated with the Bristol sound this release focuses on their love affair with the city they call home. It features a lavish tapestry of textures and is awash with hope and a strong sense of positivity and unity.

Stream Injustice via DNB Dojo

“Reality” sees saxophone samples entwine with mystical keys, ghostly voices and subtle atmospherics where as “Injustice” features soothing chords, gentle distortions and spaced out sounds over old school drum loops.

Typically Bristol it’s style is hard to define. It isn’t entirely modern, it isn’t exactly retro. To a lot of people it may not even be described as drum and bass. Like all good fusions its influences come from a diverse range of sources and cultures giving the music it’s own strong sense of character. Much like Bristol itself.

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Rupture 10th November 2017

The Cutters Room (Drum And Bass)

Special Guest
Kid Drama
Double 0 aka 007
Dead Man’s Chest
SB81 AKA Nolige
DJ Mantra & Djinn
Demented Soul

The Core (Oldskool Jungle)

J Majik
FBD Project
DJ Trax

£10 / £15 / £20
10th November 2017
Corsica Studios
Units 4/5 Elephant Road, London, SE17 1LB

One.Seventy 29th October 2017

Pessimist [UVB-76]
Vega [UVB-76]
Outer Heaven [UVB-76]
DB1 (Live) [Hidden Hawaii]
Forest Drive West [Rupture]
Alexander & Rob Vanden [One.Seventy]

Free Entry
Sunday 29th October 2017
Rye Wax
133 Rye Lane, London, SE15 4ST

Dillinja “Another Dimension/Humanity” (Deep Jungle)

Influential drum and bass label Deep Jungle has returned with promises of unreleased material from the mid-nineties. Dubplate and vinyl collector DJ Harmony has managed to source two tracks by Dillinja that were recorded in 1994-95 for it’s much-lauded reappearance. Taken from the original DAT tapes they have been restored by Simon At The Exchange whose previous work includes early releases on Lucky Spin, Moving Shadow, Rugged Vinyl, Tone Def, Face Records, Section 5 and many others.

Another Dimension sounds like classic Dillinja from the Deadly Ceremonies / Sovereign Melody era. Piercing strings, filtered apache beats, jazz samples and a drop that instantly deserves a rewind. The result is a perfect example of combining rough and smooth, light and dark in a way that many of us found so bewitching in 1994. The second drop is much more understated but nontheless still effective and helps to draw the track to a subdued conclusion.

Humanity on the flip side is reminscent of his Philly Blunt releases, stripped down beats designed to accommodate a skank out bassline littered with hip hop vocals (in this case sampled from Boogie Down Productions – Exhibit C). Two different styles of Dillinja tracks with Another Dimension being the stand out for me.

The great news is that these are available in both physical and digital forms so if you don’t fancy paying out £12 plus postage for a limited edition record you can purchase the FLAC/WAV files as a much cheaper option.

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Phuture-T “Fugitive Drummer/Cold Sweat” (Inperspective Records)

Our good friend Phuture-T delivers his next instalment in extreme breakbeat destruction. Following on from sampling classics like The Drummers Flex (Funky Drummer) and Ruffneck Mule (Funky Mule) here Tom turns his attention to drums from a much more mysterious source, often attributed to We Know We Need To Live Together by Eugene Blackwell & The New Breed but more than likely taken from a bootleg cover version. Taking the approach of “you can never have too many edits” the result is an accomplished and confident display of production dexterity and scientific wizardry. Although hectic Cold Sweat never sounds messy or chaotic and manages to avoid the sound of pots and pans being thrown down the stairs. Using vocal samples from the James Brown track Cold Sweat to add an additional layer of B Boy funk and musicality this is sure to please fans of Paradox & Nucleus.

On the flip side The Fugitive Drummer turns the funkometer up a notch fusing horns, handclaps, wah-wah rhythms and a bass guitar. Peppered with vocal samples urging you to listen to the different instruments and to give the drummer some it is certainly unique in its approach. Add in an amen half way through to lift the track further and you have a very unique take on drum and bass. In fact it manages to do the opposite to most releases as it sounds like a funk record fusing drum and bass as opposed to the other way round.

Fugitive Drummer/Cold Sweat is released by Inperspective Records on both vinyl/digital on October 27th 2017. The 12 inch is supplied in a full colour gate fold sleeve featuring artwork by Angus Day.

Highly recommended.

Listen: Soundcloud

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