001 – Infest Inspiration Playlist

Infest is a graphic designer, artist and music producer based in the eastern part of the Netherlands. He also runs Next Phase Records, a label that releases emotionally charged breakbeat music at a variety of beats per minutes. High standards are applied to all artwork, packaging and music with the vision that each component is as important.

Check out their Bandcamp page here: https://nextphaserecords.bandcamp.com

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“A top ten for me at the moment in no particular order. Its my inspirational soundtrack for making new music. The albums that some of these tunes are on play an important role for that too. Not much drum and bass in this selection but still pretty dark…”

Ancestral Voices – Transcendence

The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation – The Sexy Midnight Torture Show

Ben Frost – Theory Of Machines

Floating Points – Peroration Six

Heliocentrics – Made Of The Sun

Overlook – Rogue Soul Feat. Mono

Ruffhouse – UVB-76

Aphex Twin – Gwely Mernans

Electric Moon- Hypnotika

Chelsea Wolfe – Virginia Wolf Underwater