007 – Greenleaf Oldskool Playlist

Greenleaf is a DJ and drum and bass producer based in New Orleans. He has released music on some of the most well respected modern DnB labels including Pinecone Moonshine and Scientific Wax. He also presents the BelowCLevel show on Jungletrain. Here he digs deep into the oldskool crates to select some of his favourite drum and bass/jungle tracks from the 90’s. Put together in the form of a DJ set the tracks flow in a natural order with both rough and smooth selections.

Stream them all in this YouTube Playlist


DJ Rus De Tox – Heavenly Body

I’ll start the list with this classic from Dextrous. I always loved this tune for the laid back summer vibes and blend of Soundsystem and Rare Groove. A great example of Jungle without an Amen that still gets the job done.

Tom & Jerry – Maximum Style

Carrying on in the same vein, we have Maximum Style from Tom & Jerry. Not many others captured this vibe as well as Marc Mac and Dego. More Soundsystem meets Rare Groove.

Peshay – Futurama

Next we have Futurama (or is it the flip? There seems to be some disagreement about this online) from Peshay. Classic Basement Records business here. Subtle yet effective and once the vocal kicks in, you know you’re in for a good time.

Dillinja & Mystery – Deep Love

Following along, we have Deep Love remix from Dillinja. I always loved this era of his output showing that he could accomplish niceness just as well as dancefloor crushers. The Rhodes and guitar licks in this one are top notch.

Cold Mission – Comin’ On Strong

I’m a big fan of arps and timestretches and this tune has both in equal measure. I originally bought this record for the flip but this quickly became the side that I drew more often than not. The timestretch on the snares really makes the tune for me.

Source Direct – Approach & Identify

What list would be complete without Source Direct? This is one of my favourites from them. Love the sci-fi vibes. I always imagine floating through space when I hear this one. This record is equally effective in your home or on the dancefloor.

Danny Breaks – Volume 2

Probably one of my favourites on this list is Volume 2 from Danny Breaks. The piano in the intro is the perfect set up for what comes after the drop. Breaks stuttering and shifting all over the place with machinegun accuracy. No one does it quite like Danny Breaks.

Aquarius & Tayla – Bringing Me Down

Here we have some niceness from the likes of Photek and Tayla. Not really much else I need to say. Took me a while to find this, but thankfully it was repressed a few years back and I was able to fill this gap in my collection.

Photek – Complex

Growing up in the states, it was really difficult to find Jungle in the 90s what with the internet not really being a thing. I had a copy of Dieselboy’s tape called Supreme, and this was one of the tunes on it that I knew I had to get my hands on. I had no idea what it was for years. Fast forward to a few years ago in London, I find it in a shop for a decent price in great condition. Stoked.

Bizzy B & Equinox – 7 Minutes Of Madness

Here we have a tune from Bizzy B and a 17 (?) year old Equinox from 93. I absolutely love this one. Another that was on the wants list for a long time that I was able to nab in London a few years back.

Family of Intelligence – Stop Pushing

All about the vocal on this one. I love how it sounds like it’s off time and yet still works so well. Roughneck business.

Brown & Dangerman – Battle Of The Soul Drums

Some darkside business here from Brown & Dangerman aka Paradox & DJ Trax. Complete with Purdy drums and chipmunk vocals, this is one I didn’t hear for the first time until just a few years back. I was in love with this tune from the first listen.

Johnny Jungle – Johnny ’94 (Kings Of The Jungle Remix)

This remix of Johnny has been a personal favourite for years. This tune has everything that I love about Jungle. Dark atmospheres, wicked edits, and wicked bassline. Heavily sampling The Harder They Come, Dextrous shows exactly why he’s too bad.

DJ Trace – Final Chapta (Chronic Mix)

Another tune that was on my wants list for ages, the Chronic mix of Final Chapta by Trace. This is perhaps my favourite “Think” tune and another example of how Amen is not always necessary to make a tune hard as fuck.

Source Direct – Secret Liaison

There’s  not much I can say about this that hasn’t already been said. Source Direct at their finest. Perfect example of the rough with the smooth.

Splash – Babylon

Now most people usually post the Trace remix of this one, and have no doubt it is worth every big up it gets, but the original is just as good IMO. Love the dog barks haha.

Berte B & Dillinja – Lion Heart

Here’s one that is NOT in my collection. I have a friend with it, but I doubt I’ll talk him out of it any time soon. Another personal favourite from Dillinja.

Apollo 2 – Atlantis (LTJ Bukem Remix)

I’ll end with this from Bukem. Probably a big obvious one, but I absolutely love this tune, so I don’t care if people cuss me haha.

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