008 – October 2017 DnB Charts

Featured DnB Chart
Sicknote (Skeleton Records)

Kid Drama – Brutal D (Metalheads)
Excellent 12″ from Kid Drama on Headz. Reminds me of Dillinja, Optical and D Bridge all rolled into one. 12″ of the year for me so far.
2814 – Rain Temple (Dream Catalogue)
Love this LP. Almost like an alternative Blade Runner soundtrack. Deep, dark, uplifting and inspirational.
DJ Trace – Coffee (Lucky Spin)
One of many classic tracks from Lucky Spin. This one is a personal favourite, when the stabs come in I get instant hairs on end.
Shogun – Nautalis (Renegade Recordings)
Another classic that I have been playing a lot in my sets. This has everything for me, dark and light emotion and excellent use of the amen break.
Virginia – Fierce For The Night (Ostgut Ton)
Great album from Virginia, sounds like a modern take on Inner City. Engineered by Steffi and Martyn this one.
Empty Set – Recur (Rasta Notton)
This album is hard and brutal, needs to be listened to loud and on a good system.
Djinn – Dark Reference EP (Foundation X)
Djinn Smashed it with this EP, Nine Grounds will tear up any dance floor!
UB40 – One In Ten (Grooverider Remix)
One one one one!!! What a tune this is. When Rider and Optical where making killer remixes for a range of high profile artists in the 90s.
Ragu & Stalker – Love Comes N Go’s (Vinyl Addiction)
Bought this recently after having it in my want list for ages. Killer jungle 12″ engineered by Dillinja at Deadly Studios!
Orca – Intalect (Lucky Spin)
Amazing tune from Orca AKA Decoder. Always building this tunes big pads and rolling amens take you on a journey.

Earl Grey (Inperspective Records)
Lao Wai – Dirty Rotten (Blu Saphir)
Earl Grey – Dega & Papi [dgoHn Remix] (Inperspective Records)
Forest Drive West – Turtle Break (Rupture LDN)
Surly – Train To Lodz (Polish Juke)
Kasious, Mutants, martianMan – Portal (Convoluted Recordings)
Herzeloyde – oh [no/wow] (Bandcamp)
J Majik – Your Sound [SB81 Remix] (Metalheadz)
Fearful & Hyroglifics – Le’Wonk (Flexout Audio)
DJ Stretch – Hungry Tiger [Ricky Force Refix] (AKO Beatz)
Djinn – Destructive Consequence (Foundation X)

Chris Inperspective (Inperspective Records)
Bass:is – Hurt You (Dub)
Chris Inperspective – Knocked Up (Dub)
Antidote – State Response [Riot Mix] (Dub)
Phuture-T – Boom Town Jazz (Dub)
Profane – Drughmada (Dub)
Fanu – Spooks (Dub)
Chris Inperspective – Four Yeses (Dub)
Profane – Laundromat Bees (Dub)
Seba – No One Dies (Dub)
Nic Tvg – Its Fine Until Its Not (Dub)

Phuture-T (Inperspective Records)
Rumbleton – Kings Chamber (Stand Firm Hi-Fi Dub)
Double O – Cutlass Style (AKO Beatz)
Earl Grey – Headwinds LP (Inperspective Records)
Treshold – Scandal (Foundation X)
Senses & Survival – Kaikan (Horizons Music)
Greenleaf- Forward Motion [Phuture-T Remix] (Pinecone Moonshine)
Profane – Drughms (Digital Wreka)
Infest & Mr Walker – Love Serenade (Uncertified Music Dub)
DJ Trax – Darkness To Light (Transmute Recordings Dub)
Fracture & Neptune – Boogalou (13 Music)

Books (D T N D)
Dyl & Jalex – Anti-Evolution [Books Remix] (Detuned Transmissions x Eternia)
Hathor – Boulevard (Eternia Music)
DAAT Featuring Books – 10005 (Detuned Transmissions)
DAAT – Running Man [DYL Remix] (Detuned Transmissions x Eternia)
Projekt 22 – Kaizen (Dub)
DB1 – ZUKR (Hidden Hawaii)
Books – Block1 (Detuned Transmissions)
Ruido – Entering Time Dimension (Groundwork Recordings)
Ben Frost – Eurydice’s Heel / Hades (Self Released)
Dubit – Visita (Backwards)
Fortune – Gram Negative (Ronin Ordinance)

Paragon (DSCI4)
Recon & Paragon – Manhunt (Skeleton)
Hathor – Boulevard [Spirit remix] (Eternia)
Paragon – Trauma (Forthcoming Groundwork)
Dom & Matrix – The Vandal (Moving Shadow)
Paragon & Cypher – Frenetic (Forthcoming DSCI4)
Paragon & Recon – Odyssey Dawn (Forthcoming DSCI4)
Ink & JDub – Spyhunter (Crimescene)
Recon – Titanium Rain (Dub)
Cypher – Downturn (Dub)
Paragon – Iris (Dub)

Silent Dust (none60)
Silent Dust – Myths (Dub)
Oliver Yorke – The Gift (Dub)
The Corpus – Cult X [Sinistarr Remix] (none60)
Wagz – Exile (none60)
Silent Dust Featuring Zilla Rocca – November (Dub)
Ethos – Reality (none60)
Transient – Scripture (Lossless Music)
Dissident & Marginal – Supreme Adobe (Kos.Mos.Music)
Dexta & Crypticz – Together [Danny Scrilla Reflop] (Diffrent Music)
Conduct – Out of The Blue (Blu Mar Ten Music)

DJ Junk (Junk Hardcore)
Disco Biscuits – Disco Biscuits (Echo)
K.A.O.S. – I Can’t Stop (Atmosphere Records)
Major Problems – The Rush (Nu Groove Records)
Open Mind – Body Force (Dance Wax Recordings)
One Tribe – Get Hype (Dance Wax Recordings)
Mental Mayhem ‎– Joey’s Riot (Atmosphere Records)
A.Z.T. ‎– Choice Of A New Generation (Azuli Records)
The Black Dog – Virtual (Black Dog Productions)
78th Street Project – Base Line Dimension (Sue Records Inc)
Jeanette Thomas & Rhythm Controll – Dub Your Body (RL Records)