009 – October 2017 Leftfield/Eclectic Charts

Featured Leftfield/Eclectic Chart

Original Gidman (The Full Spectrum Radio Show)
Madlib – 10 Summers Old (Technical Equipment Supply)
One Man’s Quest – Smiling Faces “95” (Vandal Records)
Shell Money – Shopping (noremixes)
Sharaf Band – Kadeed Badanaa Naftaydani [My Life Is Full Of Tribulations] (Ostinato Records Llc)
Jill Scott – He Loves Me (Lyzel In E Flat) [Movements I, II & III] (Hidden Beach Recordings Promo)
Joseph Malik – I Don’t Want [Grand Unified VIP Mix] (Compost Records)
Meeting By Chance – Snail (Apollo Records)
Rhi – Cherry Glow (Tru Thoughts Records Promo)
Nosja Thing – All Points Back To U featuring Steve Spacek (Innovative Leisure Records)
Hardfloor – Today Was Silverbox Day (Hardfloor Records)
Unknown – Unknown (Pluto Records – PL03DJ)
KH – Question (Text Records)
NameBrandSound & Sonar’s Ghost – Can’t Hold It (First World Records)
Ed Motta – Ja!!! [The Mighty Zaf Edit] (KALAKUTA SOUL RECORDS)
Sly5thAve – Let Me Ride featuring Jimetta Rose [Edit] (Tru Thoughts Records Promo)
Om Unit – Out Of The Shadows (Cosmic Bridge Promo)
DJ Plant Texture – 31 Seconds (Ilian Tape Germany)
Lewis James – Shapeshifter (Astrophonica Promo)
Gary Numan – My Name Is Ruin [Part 1 & 2] [Meat Beat Manifesto ‘Poison’ Remix] (Electronic Sound)
Shigeto – There’s A Vibe Tonight [Featuring Kaleena Zanders] (Ghostly International)

Dave Sector (Two Hungry Ghosts)
Vitor Hublot – Piron N’Veut Nin Dinser (Kess Kill)
Hermeto Pascoal & Grupo Vice Versa – Viajando Com O Som (Far Out Recordings)
Mattic – Fly & No Where 2 Go Demo EP (Self Released)
Ephemeral – Sunshine Comes After Rain (Berlin Bass Collective)
DJ Junk – Various Disco Edits (Self Released)
Expanding Universe – Footloose (Next Phase Records)
Ivan Conti – Azul [Max Graef / Glenn Astro Remixes] (Far Out Recordings)
Drummotive – Coral EP (Next Phase Records)
DJ Trax – As Sonny Sleeps (Tempo Promo)
Ethos – Reality (none60)

Matt Kus (Berlin Bass Collective)
TYV – Miau! [Lauer Remix] (Gop Tun)
Folamour – The Power And The Blessing Of Unity (Glitterbox Recordings)
Ephemeral – Bridget Is Her Own Self (Berlin Bass Collective)
Win2Win (Lauer & Fabrizio Mammarella) – Italomore (Wrong Era)
Black Loops Featuring Felipe Gordon – Mia Negrita (Toy Tonics)
The Chekup & Deeleegenz – My Kingdom (Peppermint Jam)
Charlie Smooth – I’m Alive (Smooth Operators)
Cody Currie – Hearty And Healthy (Better Listen Records)
Dimitri From Brooklyn – Without Rob (Razor N Tape)
Jun Kamoda – Blind Disco (Black Acre)

Owen Howells (Carousel/Shades)
Allen Ginsberg – Ballad Of The Skeletons (Mercury Records)
Portable – Keep On (Perlon)
The Streets – Turn The Page (Locked On/679 Recordings)
Tessela – Hackney Parrot [10_Ton_Mix] (Poly Kicks)
Ricky Rouge – Strange Love [Up And Down Stroke] (Fresh Fruit)
Jus Ed – Fly Away (Underground Quality)
Group Rhoda – June (Dark Entries)
Charlie Smooth – El Fen (Berlin Bass Collective)
Olsvangèr – The New Pollution (Sulk Magic)
Grün Glass – Spores (Self Released)

Sonar’s Ghost (2000black)
Joey Dosik – Running Away (Game Winner Records)
Buttering Trio – Refugee Song (Brownswood)
Mocky – The Moxtape Vol III (Heavy Sheet)
Les McCann – Layers (Atlantic)
Jeff Parker – Cliche (International Anthem)
Braxton Cook – Somewhere In Between [Swarvy Remix] (Fresh Selects)
Dego and Kaidi – A So We Gwarn (Sound Signature)
Nicholas Payton – Afro Carribean Mixtape (Paytone)
Takura Kuroda – Think Twice (Concord)
Michael Henderson – Let Love Enter (Sony)

Neil Sherwood (Repair Your Soul)
Vitor Hublot – On A Tué No Pourcheau (Kess Kill)
Rawtrachs – Warm Data (Alternative Architechture)
Will Lister – Karma (Joy In Repetition)
Ozo – Anambra (12″ Extended Mix) (Isle of Jura)
Hanna – Nuance (Perpetual Rhythms)
The Room Below – Icy (Don’t Be Afraid)
Bantam Lions – Checkout Your Mind (Scenery)
Joe Armon-Jones & Maxwell Owin Featuring Nubya Garcia – Tanner’s Tango (YAM records)
Borrowed CS – Bongo (Money $ex)
Javonntte – Sometimes (Hardmatter)

Miguel Colmenares (Colectivo Futuro)
Irreversible Entanglements – Fireworks (International Anthem)
Laraaji – Laraajazzi (All Saints Records)
James Holden & The Animal Spirits – Each Moment Like The First (Border Community Recordings)
Zara McFarlane – Pride (Brownswood)
Tony Allen – Woro Dance (Blue Note)
Hector Plimmer – Sleep Easy (Albert’s Favourites)
Hermeto Pascoal – Casinha Pequenina (Far Out Recordings)
Four Tet – Scientists (Text Records)
Kaytlin Aurelia Smith – To Follow & Lead (Western Vinyl)
Waaju – Maroc (Unreleased)

Mister Shifter (Artikal Music UK)
Beatrice Dillon & Call Super – Inkjet (Hessle Audio)
Forest Drive West – Persistence of Memory (Hidden Hawaii)
J:Kenzo – Cross Polarity (Artikal Music UK)
Pugilist – Dream State (Modern Hypnosis)
Mister Shifter – Dub Attack (Artikal Music UK)
Sully – Assembly 2 (Keysound Recordings)
Mister Shifter – Riddim Operator (Artikal Music UK)
Digit & Dubbing Sun – Dread Come Again [Egoless Remix] (Albion Collective)
2000F & JKamata – You Don’t Know What Love Is [TMSV Edit] (Bootleg)
Compa – Lampin (Artikal Music UK)

Spyros (God Is No Longer A DJ)
Kryshe – Underlying Reality (Serein)
ASC – Eris (Auxiliary)
Arovane & Hior Chronik – Walk On Leaves (A Strangely Isolated Place)
36 – Orphans Of The Sky (3six Recordings)
Gaussian Curve – Suspended Motion (Music From Memory)
Penguin Cafe – Half Certainty (Erased Tapes)
Tangerine Dream – It Is Time To Leave When Everyone Is Dancing (Kscope)
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Garden (Commons)
Bvdub – With Broken Wings and Giants Tall (Glacial Movements)
Meeting By Chance – Snail (Apollo)