Ethos “Reality/Injustice” (none60)

The list of influential artists that hail from Bristol is vast. From revered graffiti artists Bansky and 3D right through to musical pioneers Portishead, Massive Attack and Roni Size, all of them famous for creating their own iconic style influenced by the city and its diversity.

As a result, anything stating to be inspired by this cultural hotbed has a lot to live up to. The next release on none60 features two tracks by Bristol based producers Ethos that claim just that.

Rejecting the darkness that is often associated with the Bristol sound this release focuses on their love affair with the city they call home. It features a lavish tapestry of textures and is awash with hope and a strong sense of positivity and unity.

Stream Injustice via DNB Dojo

“Reality” sees saxophone samples entwine with mystical keys, ghostly voices and subtle atmospherics where as “Injustice” features soothing chords, gentle distortions and spaced out sounds over old school drum loops.

Typically Bristol it’s style is hard to define. It isn’t entirely modern, it isn’t exactly retro. To a lot of people it may not even be described as drum and bass. Like all good fusions its influences come from a diverse range of sources and cultures giving the music it’s own strong sense of character. Much like Bristol itself.

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