The Reinforced Unreleased Slate Series

Alot has happened since Marc last helped us out with the Timeline LP back in 2012. For a start he has revived his Manix moniker, celebrated 25 years of Reinforced and launched a very successful apparel range.

Reinforced has always been forward thinking and self-reliant. Recently they’ve played an important part in the huge resurgence of “new” old school vinyl releases. To Marc the label is still a labour of love and the attention to detail he continues to pour into it is immense, especially with the Reinforced 25th Anniversary Box Set which contained cassettes, MP3 files, and vinyl.

Marc and the label have a great ability to push forward in the face of adversity especially when the last time we spoke none of this seemed possible.

Reinforced has taken the lead in giving the old school heads what they want. Previously unreleased music made in the golden era, from the scenes original pioneers on quality vinyl.

Marc, what can you tell us about these unreleased Reinforced slates?

Well it wasn’t an intentional move really, I came across some DAT tapes that I assumed were lost for good, amongst some original stuff were a few unreleased bits from Manix, 4Hero, Underground Software and Stretch’s Guyver project. I felt it would be a crime for this stuff not to be pressed and shared as part of the R catalogue. I also found a S950 floppy disc with a version of “You Held My Hand” by Manix that I had to reverse-engineer to revive the classic.

Some labels would rush to get these out on white labels simply to cash in on the current vinyl boom. Why is it important for you to make sure these never before heard tracks have a proper release?

Simple. They need to be part of the R catalogue, it’s serious business, no gimmick or jokes, 250 units, not a profit making venture. It’s legacy. This whole thing is a labour of love, I can’t get back the years lost in Reinforced and wouldn’t want to, all that’s left to do now is preserve the legacy and seal the time capsule. Releasing these Rivets is part of sealing that capsule.

Its apparent you still invest into the label with each release being carefully thought out and immaculately presented. What benefits have you received from being able to sell directly to the public?

You know, it’s hard to express what has gone into the R, but I’m a scientific thinker so I like to apply science to my reasons. If we think of our investment as “energy” like our thoughts, manpower, emotions, sweat and tears then you can understand that so much energy has gone into the label over the years, the Rivets are packed with energy and scientifically we know no energy can be destroyed only transferred. We’re transferring energy to our fans with every release. Selling directly to the public is one less buffer between the transfer of energy from Reinforced to the fan.

When and how can people buy these?

Plans aren’t set in stone yet but It looks like we’ll have some ready for the next Record Market event in October and then a batch for sale via

What else can we expect from you in the future?

Really no big plans to be honest, on our 25th year I set a simple goal and it was to see the R logo shining throughout the scene again and I think we were pretty successful with that, I also wanted to have a few collectable Rivets out there but I soon realised that most of the Reinforced catalogue is now highly collectable and have evolved into real cult classics. I still have some Enforcers unfinished business to deal with.

Artist: The Guyver | Catalogue Number: RIVET209
Never Never
A Touch Of Light

Artist: Manix | Catalogue Number: RIVET210
You Held My Hand (Reload)
The X Factor (VIP)

Artist: 4hero | Catalogue Number: RIVET211
Angry People (VIP)
Evacuation Plan

Artist: Underground Software | Catalogue Number: RIVET212
Real Mean Bastard Remix
Ganja Man Dem
Reality Is Empty