Selectabwoy X Two Hungry Ghosts Present A Reinforced V Tom & Jerry Samples Mixtape

Last issue we posted a minimix by Selectabwoy that featured around 60 tracks sampled by Reinforced artists, including VIPs and mini-rebuilds of sections taken from pivotal Rivets.

The mix had a great response with people praising his dexterity and composition skills as well as his knowledge of obscure samples and breaks.

We played the mix to Marc Mac (4hero/Reinforced) who enjoyed it so much he requested a copy on cassette. Selectabwoy and I discussed the subject and came up with the idea of a limited edition 60 minute tape built around a specially extended version of the Reinforced mix on one side and a collection of Tom & Jerry samples on the other.

Image taken by Marc Mac from his personal tape collection.

Will began crafting an exclusive intro to the Reinforced side and extended both sides with numerous samples referencing R-related tracks such as Metalheads’ ‘Terminator’, Rufige Cru’s ‘Darkrider’ EP, Nebula II’s ‘Atheama’ and 4 Hero’s ‘Golden Age’.

Only five copies of this tape were produced, and were distributed between Marc Mac, Selectabwoy and The Ghosts.

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