Rare DNB LTJ Bukem Atmospherical Jubilancy

“Atmospherical Jubilancy” shows LTJ Bukem at his best and Good Looking Records at its most frustrating. Scheduled for a promo picture disc then a full release on standard black vinyl neither of these officially saw the light of day due to a series of set backs and delays. Depending on what version of the story you believe the twelve was either held up due to a font on the promo or simple label politics. Either way it is the jewel in the Good Looking crown that has had drum and bass fans excited ever since it was announced for release in 2009 since first being played on dubplate in 1993.

The track itself shows Danny in great form, using only a handful of elements he crafts an 8 minute opus based on vocals from a Bulgarian State Television Female Vocal Choir, beats from Sway and King Tech and an infectious Rhodes riff. The end result is one of the simplest yet most effective experiments into ambient drum and bass and undoubtedly one of the most uplifting.

Back in 2009 Nu-Urban announced the vinyl release with a competition to win one of ten test presses. Mystery still surrounds the Press Release that declared “Atmospherical Jubilancy” was due for release quoting the title incorrectly as “Atmospheric Jubilancy” and stating it had been available on CD even though it hadn’t. Promises of future GLR releases were advertised at the same time none of which came to fruition.

Drum and Bass collector DJ Extreme won the test press and eight years on it remains a highly sought after Holy Grail vinyl release. We spoke to him about the track and what other songs from that era he would like to own or ID.

There are only ten copies of this in existence, how did you come to have it in your collection?

I won it in the Nu-Urban (distributors) competition back in 2009, I cant remember if there was a question or you just put your name in the hat! At this time the full release picture disc & black vinyl was only a month away so it was a nice up-front exclusive, only as the months passed and the full release didn’t arrive it started to become the rarity it is today.

What’s the cut like and do the label and disco bag have any markings or writing, anything in the run out groove?

The cut and sound is really good, AJ takes up a full side almost right up to the centre label (just over 8 minutes). It has the standard MPO ‘Test Pressing’ label, it didn’t come with any promo / information sheets, just in a white paper sleeve. No official track names with it either. Etchings – it has GLR075 A/B & MPO.

Have you had many offers from people to buy it? If so, how much?

In the first year I had quite a few emails and messages, half of them were requesting I record an MP3, but the serious buyers were keeping their cards close to their chests and just putting out a little enquiry rather than going straight in with offers. A couple of years after I had a £250 offer from a Discogs PM, that’s the one that stands out.

Can you put a value on such a holy grail of pivotal 90’s drum and bass?

There have been some crazy prices paid for records in recent years, if a copy came up for auction with enough promotion to build a bit of extra hype… who knows? For me I never like to judge records by their financial value, once a record is in the collection it will just be judged on how good the tracks are.

This track was LTJ Bukem at its finest, how do you think it compares to his other releases?

I think it would have fit perfectly on the GLR label. If it had been released in 1994 it would of held classic status along side his other tracks from the time.
There’s not too many artists that have a catalogue of unreleased tracks that match up to the quality of their releases.

What are your most wanted unreleased tracks from that era?

There’s just so many, I have three listed here that are still unknown from various LTJ Bukem sets, very possible that ‘Equinox’ & ‘Club Dreamscape’ tracks are by Bukem himself (or early PFM – Club Dreamscape?) the Yaman 13 clip has been around a long time and so far no information on it has surfaced. At one stage it was said to be by Danny Breaks but he confirmed it wasn’t him.

One of my other most wanted is DJ Krust “Metamorphosisms” from around April 1993.

Can you think of another drum and bass record that’s rarer than Atmospherical Jubilancy?

Difficult to think of something else that is as well know but also with such a wide ‘got / need’ ratio. There’s so many obscure white labels out there selling for big money but if you wait your time and have the cash to spend you have a chance of getting a copy.

The B Side is a track by Calibre that has since been released on his Shelflife 4 compilation, knowing the history of Atmospherical Jubilancy do you think it will ever come out in some shape or form?

If Good Looking make a comeback then its possible, I’m not up to date on the history of the labels last few years but appears 2014 was the last release from them. If they came back for a couple of Ltd Edition style releases you could imagine this tune being one of them.

Do you think you’ll ever sell it!?

Haha! No! Cant see it ever happening!!

DJ Extreme runs hardscore.com and you can check two of his mixes containing Atmospherical Jubilancy here:

DJ Extreme – 1993 Volume 9

DJ Extreme – 1994 Volume 11