Static Imprints Unreleased 96/97 Demos (Side B)

Here Dominic discusses the B Side of the Static Imprints Unreleased Demo tape produced between 96-97. Additional comments come from co-producers Jaimie (The Trumpet Tune) and myself (Golden Vampires). The remaining tracks are all solo works by Dominic.

Once again, all comments and thoughts are presented here raw and uncut just as I received them.


Dominic – So as Sax Appeal has its 17th drop and then suddenly stops we go onto…

Track 1 “The Trumpet Tune”

Dominic – This is the most contentious of tunes on this tape as both Jaimie and I think we did it on our own. Now I have a very clear memory of playing this at Reinforced to a very quiet room and feeling like quitting the business there and then. Two things make me think it’s me, the trumpet ‘solo’ very influenced by dillinja ‘promise’ and the drum edit at 7.10 ish. Something about this edit I tried to shoehorn into every record I put out until I retired, maybe as I was so cross this track wasn’t ever signed and I never got over it. There is a great 4.5 minute track in there, we just weren’t skilled enough at cutting chaff.

Jaimie – This one is the major bone of contention as to who is behind it. I think it is me and know that Dom thinks it is him. Maybe it was a joint effort, it has both our hallmarks on it. I find this to be a very strange, haunting melancholic piece of music that followed no protocols really and just meanders along. (A level) Art!

Track 2 “Own Eyes”

Dominic – Again some good ideas with filters, bass and delayed gratification amen, totally bitten from Lemon D J Majik and Dillinja. But why that bit of vocal from njoi drumstruck EP? Something about it being on Ramos Dreamscape VI on the other side of the Bukem tape, it was the best tune of the set and always stuck in my mind, kind of haunting me. I grew to appreciate that Ramos was a great DJ, and it reminds you of the common route for all this music in 1993 was so much closer together than in 1996. It’s good because it’s short, unlike the next track…

Track 3 “Horrible Vibraphone Track”

Dominic – Wow this is crap. I was in the jazz funk band The Collective at this point doing cuts and sound effects, but was very keen to integrate them into my other side of music, the jungle producing. I think two pages was being made at this time and the scale of production and live instruments at reinforced inspired me to up my game. But with a s950? And no where near enough keyboard experience to play these various samples in tune with each other? The bits were all from a recorded jam session that was crudely mic’d up and put onto tape. Not 2 inch tape, a D-60 or something. It is just embarrassing. Next!

Track 4 “Fifth Dragon”

Dominic – Ok so an edit of this came out in the unreleased files on Treble O. This has a bleep sound in it not on the finished one so must be an early demo. But all I hear when it starts is S.O.S (Digital) – space funk. That’s where the tambourine is lifted from, then it kind of changes into lemon d – in my life (an attempt to sound as good as it anyway). The Kung Fu stuff in this period was a weird fascination. I was into pack back hip hop scratching and stuff, so the DJ rectangle post Wu tang 36 chambers stuff was kind of rife then in Mr Bongo and Deal Real in Soho. I used to buy cheap Kung Fu VHS tapes from Choices or Blockbusters to sample, this was ‘To Kill With Intrigue’ starring Jackie Chan. It was VERY rubbish and can be viewed in its entirety on YouTube. Oh how things have changed in 20 years! And the track…it had some energy, but just needed some more beats on the second drop to keep it moving, but again ,I sacrificed memory in the sampler for silly snippets of vocal than another drum break.

Track 5 ”Fourth Dragon”

Dominic – A promising start, showing again my attempts to recreate Cybrotron – ‘Got To’ style drum machine grooves under a simple break, thinking this to be enough to drive a 7 minute track. Again some good ideas, the sax sample is catchy and the ‘Riots in Raleigh’ Sonz of A Loop Da Loop Era break sounds great. But the Kung Fu element is so annoying!!!!! I could easily remould this into a snappy little beat with memory to spare on an old Akai if i just lost all the crap samples from a crap film. Damn my immaturity.

Track 6 “Golden Vampires”

Dominic – I always liked Dave bringing round some obscure samples, and this one was great. It sounds like I pulled up the breaks from the 2nd tune on here, but the steppy beat here as a nice crispy fatness. But not that over loud industrial snare, (maybe from The Meters?) And the whole thing is sooooooo distorted. But it had promise, in a crude proto Dylan/droppin’ science in 96/97 way. Hmm and some nice amen chopping! So not just a Kung Fu film, but a hammer horror Kung Fu film! I was already nostalgic for my youth of 10 years previously of 7 or 8 (have I spent my whole life being nostalgic?) when we’d get a cheap b movie Kung Fu or horror and a Chinese, all my family, and I’d absorb these silly accents and 70s music. Who gets nostalgic at 18? And now at 39 the nostalgia as reached another full orbit where I am losing interest in looking back and going forwards again… cycles…circles…

Dave – This was one of the most “complete” tracks we made at that time. I would turn up with a bag of records and a head full of ideas (samples would be great but ideas were somewhat basic) and we would spend the first half an hour going through the vinyl for sounds and discuss the direction that day’s creation would take us. I have to say I wasn’t that great dictating what I wanted back then but watching Dom in full flow was something I always enjoyed watching and he knew far more then than I ever will. Most of these sounds were taken from a Music De Wolfe LP by The Slipstream Group titled “Forest Of Evil Part 2” which is GOLD if you are after Source Direct style strings or effects. The vocals are all from a VHS (which I have no recollection how I got) called “The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires.” I had a dope collection of obscure and twisted horror movies back then which is one of the reasons Dom and I got on so well! I like to think that even then you could count on me for finding great sources of sounds and samples even if I did then just sit awkwardly watching all the others do the hard work, some things never change…

Track 7 Onwards “De Wolfe Breaks”

Dave – I’m not going to say what these are called, mainly because I can’t remember, but this is an insight into what happened directly after that session. I took the tape home, played it back countless times then excited with the direction recorded more De Wolfe tracks on the same tape to use on the next stage of the track to save me taking the vinyl on the bus to Bedford. Unfortunately that session never took place but we did remake the track (a lot better I may add) for the 2013 Sonar Circle LP “Unreleased and Remastered“.