Phuture-T – Atlantis (Free Download)

Sounding like a hybrid of LTJ Bukem and Rufige Kru “Atlantis” is a bass heavy roller with mystical atmospherics and dreamy jazz samples.

Originally recorded a decade ago the tracks project files were corrupted so it never saw an official release. We caught up with Phuture-T to find out more.

What songs did you sample for “Atlantis” and how did you manage to weave the different elements together so seamlessly?

It’s quite a melting pot of different samples, sound FX, percussion, layered breaks and vocals snippets. All the dubbed out horns and trumpets are taken from ‘I Got It Bad (And That Ain’t Good)’ and ‘Dancing In The Dark’ by Cannonball Adderley. The soothing pads and string layers are sampled from the Bladerunner Soundtrack (composed by Vangelis and conducted by The New American Orchestra).

It’s one of the most authentic Bukem tributes I’ve ever heard, what tracks inspired its creation?

No tracks in particular but the Bladerunner soundtrack triggered me to start writing it. The looped strings and horns in the intro created this dreamy, jazz theme and after creating that I just stuck to the same vibe. Adding a steady Funky Drummer break to it really glued the track together perfectly.

Most people probably know you for the harder end of your production or your dub fused material, do you plan to make more rollers like this?

I do enjoy making these style tracks but for me it’s a different approach to working. Normally I would really dive in on the break edits and try to make them interact with the other elements in the song. Rolling break or not, I really like the use of brass and other live instruments in my productions.

All that exists of Atlantis is this MP3? Do you think you will ever return to “Atlantis” in the future to either remake it or revamp it and give it the full release it deserves?

The samples are still floating about but as you know the project file got corrupted. Luckily, to me, the track was finished but it would be great to remake it almost a decade later.